Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gear You Can't Live Without

I'll admit it, I'm a gear whore... unabashedly a gear whore. Luckily, I live in a house I work on rather than pay rent for so I have some extra money to buy gear. The whole being single with no kids thing helps too.

While I own a fair bit of gear (like a lot of us it takes up an extra bedroom), I'd like to think its because I'm picky with what I use. Hence, I'd like to begin a series about "Gear I Can't Live Without" based on my favorite packs, boots, ice tools, and other expensive shiny things I've tried to kill without success. Gear Like:

My Cold Cold World Chaos Pack

The La Sportiva Nepal Extreme Boots


Petzyl Gloves and Headlamp

That are always in my car ready to go.

Before I tear stuff apart one at a time, what have been some of your favorite pieces of gear? Anything you can't live without?


mtnsaremyhome said...

I agree with you on the petzl headlamp I use that prob more than any other piece of gear. It gets dark early up here.....

Though tied would be good long underware, I like craft but everyone has their own favorate brand, but for just about any activity besides cycling thats the first thing to go on my body and it stays there till I return.

Liana said...

Patagonia down jacket (a Christmas present from my husband a few years ago).

Anasazi LVs. I can't wear most climbing shoes due to a low lateral malleolus. This shoe is fairly aggressive but not painful.

Wild country helium quickdraws. Wire gates, super light, no notch on the nose but still relatively narrow.

I actually don't like the head lamp I have now. Will check out your recommendation.

WanabeMD said...

mtns- I've always been jealous of your craft onsie... I'd kill for one of those! Second the craft recomendation, their gear has become such a staple of mine I didn't even think about it any more

Liana- I have a pair of the anasazis too. I sized mine a little small though for thin cracks so they're not super comfy. I love, love, love my mythos!

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